Primex Divisions Join the COVID-19 Fight

Primex Plastics Corporation has aggressively joined the fight against the COVID-19 virus by engaging its three divisions in producing vital materials for first responders and medical professionals. The Richmond, Ind.-based company was able to quickly gear up in several ways after President Mike Cramer “made it clear to our groups to expend every effort to support our communities and the country in these demanding times,” according to Business Unit Director Doug Borgsdorf. And all three divisions of the Primex “One Company” quickly responded.

In less than 24 hours, Primex Color, Compounding & Additives in Garfield, N.J. developed and started manufacturing a compound that is used to produce plastic vials for COVID-19 test kits.

Primex’s extrusion division is producing clear plastic sheet needed to manufacture face shields.

In just two days, in conjunction with Richmond’s Reid Health, Primex Design & Fabrication (PDF), designed and began producing replacement face shields for Reid’s bio helmets (see photo) that protect clinical staff. In a press release Reid described PDF’s effort as an “Apollo 13 moment” where an unorthodox solution saved the moment.

PDF has also developed stand-alone shields, the PrimexProtect shield (see photo), and expects to go to production next week. “Our shield helps medical personnel and others on the front line conserve their critical N95 masks by adding an extra layer of protection,” according to the feedback from Reid.

As news has spread on social media, Borgsdorf said Primex is getting numerous requests from other hospitals and health systems and is now on track to make 100,000+ shields.

Darin Dubbs, director of human resources at Primex, said this was a bright spot during a very trying time we are all facing today. “This time is not about business. It is a time of unity,” he said. “Our ability to help in the crisis has been uplifting to the employees at Primex.”

“All three divisions of Primex stepped up quickly and demonstrated their ability to solve problems,” said Borgsdorf. “It’s times like these that our employees show their true colors. We’re proud to be engaged in the fight against this terrible virus.”

Primex Color, Compounding & Additives Growing and Hiring

Primex Color, Compounding & Additives is growing business and hiring new staff at its Garfield, N.J. and Jasper, Tenn. facilities. As uncertainty, consolidation, plant closings and layoffs impact the plastics colorant industry, “Primex is stronger than ever,” says Business Unit Director Doug Borgsdorf. “We continue to grow our business through the development of innovative customer solutions, expanded marketing efforts and improved production capabilities.”

“The ‘Now Hiring’ sign is out at both of our locations,” according to Human Resources Director Darin Dubbs. “We’re constantly looking for great people to help us grow, from management, sales, technical and production backgrounds.”

PCC&A is a “One Company” division of Primex Plastics. With facilities in six U.S. locations and one in Europe, Primex resources include warehousing and distribution points, a cross-functional national sales team and several research and development sites that assist customers and its three divisions: Primex Sheet, PCC&A and Primex Design & Fabrication.

PCC&A’s line of colorants, additives and specialty compounds leads the industry. Since its inception, the company has been a stable force in the plastics world. With the financial backing of Primex, PCC&A is constantly upgrading production facilities, creating new products and hiring new staff. In fact, Primex has never experienced a layoff. This stable workforce ensures the highest quality and on-time delivery. 

For job inquiries please contact HR Manager Shannon Davis at (800) 222-5116. For product inquiries:

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Primex Plastics Releases New Videos

Primex Plastics Corporation, the parent company of Primex Design & Fabrication (PDF) and Primex Color, Compounding & Additives (PCCA), has produced seven new videos to introduce prospective customers to its full line of custom plastics products for manufacturers, logistics and retail. The Primex line includes sheet and roll products, masterbatches and compounds, and fabricated packaging, containers and returnable shipping solutions.

All video programming can be viewed on the Primex Plastics YouTube Channel at Primex Plastics Videos.

Here are the titles and descriptions of each video (click the title to watch the video)

  • Primex Plastics Corporation – A short introduction to the expertise and capabilities of Primex Plastics, a leader in production of custom sheet and roll products for thermoforming, printing and fabrication.
  • Primex Design & Fabrication – Introduction to PDF. PDF designs and fabricates custom packaging, shipping containers, logistics, storage and point of sale products for a wide range of industries.
  • Primex Color, Compounding & Additives – Since 1957, PCCA has been a leading supplier of color and unique masterbatches for the plastics manufacturing industry.
  • ULTRAPAC – 360 Series – Primex’s ultra-durable, returnable shipping containers made from Bubble-X™, a high strength coextruded board, available in a range of thicknesses for ultimate product protection.
  • Custom Containers & Interior Dunnage – Custom designed and produced containers and protection for critical product protection, using a variety of foam, plastic and laminated materials.
  • Automotive Components – Primex offers various interior and exterior components for the automotive industry using Bubble-X™ board, Faraprene™ elastomers and other Primex materials.
  • Ship Flat Containers & Displays – These space saving, returnable containers and displays are available in virtually any form factor for specific customer needs.