Interact® Custom-Formulated Antimicrobials for Polymers

PCC&A’s Interact® Antimicrobial Masterbatches are formulated with an effective antimicrobial which is used to manufacture plastic articles/products which require protection from microorganisms. It assists with regular cleaning in the protection from loss of physical properties or development of other undesirable characteristics. It can help prevent the growth of molds, mildew, and other microorganisms, which cause deterioration, discoloration and objectionable odors on polymers.

Interact Antimicrobial additives inhibit the growth or attachment of microorganisms by protecting the surface of the plastic which contains our antimicrobial additive.” Our antimicrobial products are custom blended in a wide variety of resins including TPE, PC, ABS, PP and PE.

Typical applications for Interact Antimicrobial are floor coverings, exercise equipment, cutting boards, door or floor mats, food distribution carts and trays, garbage cans, pallets, playground equipment, storage containers, waste bins, luggage and shipping containers.

It is important to understand this condition of sale/use: no claims may be made of any antimicrobial activity other than the “protection of the polymeric article” itself against, deterioration, discoloration, and/or odors.

Guidance may be obtained on further claims, statements, or labeling by referring to 40CFR 152.25(a), and any additional guidance or policies issued by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. General claims related to health benefits are strictly prohibited. For additional information about this product contact your local sales representative, or email.

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