Color Masterbatch - Primex
Color Masterbatch - Primex

Why O’Neil Color Masterbatches

O’Neil offers custom color concentrates and additive masterbatches for all popular resins including PP, PE, PET, PC, PS, ABS, and more.  We provide quick-turn, tailored color and compounding solutions – from order to ship in 10 days or less.

Our small twin-extruder lines give you quick turnaround on samples and orders as small as 100 pounds. Mid-sized lines run 5,000 pounds and up.

And when size really does count, we’re ready with five large lines that run anywhere from 20,000 pounds up to full truckloads all day, every day.

O’Neil offers a wide array of additive masterbatches to meet your product needs. For high-volume production with fixed color/enhancement properties throughout the run, O’Neil can deliver substantial cost savings with our Interact single-pack masterbatches.

Interact additives are compatible across a wide range of resin systems.  Cost reductions of up to 20 percent can be achieved from reduced carrier usage and lower blending, handling and packaging costs.

Additional material enhancements include:

  • UV stability
  • Block
  • Conductive/ESD/Anti-Stat
  • Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI)
  • Biocide/Algaecide/Fungicide
  • Lubricity
  • Slip/Anti-Slip
  • Structural
  • Wear-Resistant
  • Optical Clarifier
  • Desiccant

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