Color & Compounding Innovations and Development

PCC&A Leads the Way

At Primex Color, Compounding & Additives we’re constantly looking for new ways to serve our customers through innovative new products and better production processes. Our latest research and development efforts come together at our customer Solutions Center located at our Jasper, Tenn. facility. The leading-edge design and application development center combines the latest in test and analysis equipment with the technical expertise of our polymer chemists, color specialists and researchers in this high-end color and compounding design center. 

This new resource allows us to work closely with customers during the product development phase in order to recommend the right colors and compounded characteristics for their end products and quickly produce color chips and molded samples from the exact materials and additives that will be in the finished product. PCC&A researchers, scientists and technicians, with over 100 combined years of color and compounding experience, are close at hand during the brainstorming sessions so we can quickly identify and solve any potential issues.

The Solutions Center fills a need for creative and problem-solving capabilities where clients can immerse themselves in branding and product development, assisted by PCC&A’s experts and state-of-the-art equipment, including a full line of testing and analytical equipment and lighting that simulates various daylight and interior conditions. The facility is ISO 9001-2015 certified.

Additionally, the Solutions Center houses PCC&A’s research and development lab that works in concert with customers, providing capabilities to enhance current products and engineer new material compounds. PCC&A produces a wide range of colorants and additives for customers in food packaging, construction, medical, consumer products and other industries.  

With access to high-performance and specialty-engineered materials, PCC&A develops the right custom solution to ensure the success of end-products. 

Additional support for specialty testing and engineering is provided by the John J. Farber Technology and Innovation Center, an ISO 17025 certified and A2LA (American Association for Laboratory Accreditation) accredited laboratory, which is operated by PCC&A’s parent company, Primex Plastics.

Between our Solutions Center and the Farber Center, our chemists and engineering staff provide world-class problem solving, reverse engineering and innovative testing, ensuring final processes and production that exceeds our customer expectations.

  • Committed to constant investment in people and equipment 
  • State-of-the-art analytics equipment such as DSC, FTIR, TGA, QUV/Xenon Arc Weatherometer, and an array of testing platforms for physical properties and color analysis (see chart below)
  • Allows our customers and prospective customers the ability to identify and develop the precise materials for their exacting applications
  • Features a spectrum of processing equipment to produce tapes, color chips, molded test bars, sheet and thermoformed parts so that we can analyze and quantify processing characteristics
  • Complete physical testing and color accuracy allow our customers to see their materials in a finished state
  • State-of-the-art material analysis and development of new materials and compounds for our customers, allowing them to grow their business and profits in an increasingly competitive world

Here are just very few of our testing and preproduction capabilities

Accelerated Weathering Mono-Layer Material Trials
Ash/Carbon Opacity/Transmission
Color Measurement Optical Density
Color Transmittance Peel Strength
Conductance Reflectance Values
Density Spectrophotometer Analysis
Density/Specific Gravity Surface Defects
Flow Rate Surface Gloss
Hardness Surface Integrity
Impact Strength Tensile, Tear, Flexural, Compression, 90º Peel, CoF
Inspection Three-Layer Material Trials
Instrumental Color Analysis UL94 Flame Testing
Material Evaluation Viscosity
Material Identification Wear / Abrasion
Melting Point, Recrystallization, Glass Transition Weight
Moisture Content

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