Who Are We?

Primex Color, Compounding & Additives is an advanced custom compounder supplying a wide range of elastomeric formulations, specialty compounds, color concentrates and additive master batches. We’re a full-service business partner with plastics manufacturers, converters and processors who serve a diverse range of industries including automotive, cosmetics, electronics, medical/pharmaceutical, building/construction, housewares, sporting goods/toys and packaging.  Operating 20 advanced production lines in two U.S. facilities, Primex Color offers custom color concentrates and additive masterbatches for all popular resins including PP, PE, PET, PC, PS, ABS, etc.  We provide quick-turn, custom-matched colors, additive masterbatches and compounding solutions – from order to ship in 10 days or less.  Drawing on nearly 60 years in business, Primex Color offers these capabilities.

  • Custom compounds and additive masterbatches across all resin systems including flame retardants, anti-stats, conductive materials, ESD, block, anti-slip, lubrication, structural, wear-resistant, desiccant, UV stability.
  • Specialty color concentrates – ultra-low letdown ratios, dry dispersions, textures, swirls, marbleized and special effects and translucent/opaque properties.
  • Custom tailored stock-and-release options. Primex Color can floor-stock your order in one of our climate-controlled facilities, saving you time and storage hassles and ensuring your product is ready to ship on-demand, anytime.
  • Interact® single-pack masterbatches deliver specific property enhancements across a wide range of resins. These include conductivity, slips/anti-slips, block/anti-block, wear resistance, UV stability and more, with cost reductions up to 20 percent.
  • Faraprene and Faralloy proprietary compounds.  Faraprene is widely regarded as the thermoplastic elastomer of choice for critical applications where pliability and durability are equally important.  Faralloy custom compounds feature special property enhancements and can be produced in olefinic, styrenic and engineering resins.
  • 19 production lines featuring single screw, twin screw and continuous feed mixers.
    Three recently-added production lines dedicated to TPE/TPO production for automotive interior components and accessories.
  • Material matching to specific manufacturing processes including injection, extrusion, rotational and blow molding.